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The Mini ADHD Coach

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An inclusive guide to ADHD that explores its diverse types, symptoms, diagnoses, and misconceptions, and shares how to work with your ADHD brain to fully understand yourself.

Diagnosed at 29, Alice Gendron offers full and supportive insight into life with ADHD, addresses common challenges and hurdles, and provides tips and ADHD hacks that will help you to get things done and live a more peaceful daily life. This illustrated and informative guide is a must-have for anyone looking to better understand ADHD and how to thrive with ADHD. 

Through Gendron’s motivational voice and relatable illustrations,
The Mini ADHD Coach will teach you:
  • How to emotionally process your ADHD diagnosis.
  • How ADHD can impact your daily life, from getting your morning started to time management, dating, making dinner, and more.
  • What ADHD expressions, such as analysis paralysis, hyperfocus, and time blindness, really mean.
  • ADHD hacks like habit-stacking and gamification to try out and find the solutions that fit your life.
The Mini ADHD Coach is the perfect resource for flourishing with ADHD.