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Manifesting Rituals Deck

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Turn your dream life into an abundant reality with the power of manifestation rituals. The Law of Attraction is the belief that we can attract anything we desire into our lives, without limits. This gorgeous 44-card deck and guidebook set provides all of the practical tools and rituals you need to attract abundance in your career, finances, mindset, health and relationships. 
This set includes:

- 44 cards, each with an inspiring affirmation and stunning, vibrant artwork
- An 80-page booklet explaining the basics of manifesting and The Law of Attraction, tips on how to create your own effective manifesting practice, and a deeper dive into the meaning of each card.
These manifestation cards offer a simple and effective way of connecting to the Universe. Whether your concern is about romance, work, money or even everyday decision-making, you can use these cards to get clear answers and support. Get ready to go deeper with guided rituals, journaling prompts and crystal suggestions to supercharge your manifesting powers.