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Damn Classy Rocks Glasses

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Here's to a damn fine drink! The perfect vessel for sipping spirits and cocktails with elegance and style, these rocks glasses feature a fancy gold rim and "Top-Shelf Shit” and “On the Fucking Rocks” in gold foil calligraphy.

  • DRINK WITH STYLE AND SASS: This high-quality rocks glass features a fancy gold rim and "Top-Shelf Shit" and “On the Fucking Rocks” printed in gold foil calligraphy.
  • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Buy these for all your girlfriends, groomsmen, or drinking buddies. Makes a great stocking stuffer. You'll need them for yourself too, of course.
  • PROFANITY IS F*CKING PERENNIAL: Who doesn't love a good swear, especially when it's paired with elegant calligraphy?
  • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Rocks glass is 3 x 3 1/2 inches and holds 10 oz (300 ml).