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Create Your Own Midlife Crisis

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Create Your Own Midlife Crisis is a fun and humorous choose-your-own-path book on making risqué and bold choices in the prime of midlife, giving you the chance to try countless roads not yet taken. 

What's the worst that could happen? 

Are you on the far side of forty and wondering how you ended up here? Do you secretly wish you could set flame to everything and walk away in slow motion, leave your tedious responsibilities and boring routines behind, and start life over again?

What if you could?

In the classic choose-your-own-path style, gives you unlimited chances to try all the roads not taken:

To quit your stupid job, turn to page 108.
To buy a motorcycle, turn to page 74.
To agree to a swingers' night, turn to page 82.
To go clubbing with your mom, turn to page 68.

Whether it's an affair with a younger man, trying ayahuasca, or just telling your boss to shove it, Create Your Own Midlife Crisis delivers over 150 exciting and hilarious ways to reinvent your life.

With illustrations and endless possibilities, this fun and affordable book is the PERFECT GIRLFRIEND's GIFT! It will make a hilarious birthday, retirement, Galentine's, or girlfriend's gift for anyone in their midlife years.
  • What to gift a girlfriend going through a divorce? Divorce can be difficult and painful, but these days, women are also making it fun and empowering—as evidenced in The Huffington Post's piece, "Divorce Parties: Inside the Trend That Makes Ending a Marriage Look Fun." Create Your Own Midlife Crisis is the perfect gag gift for such an event.
  • A fun, easy escape from daily life: Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time on a 10-hour flight or just a quick 15-minute read before bed (because you are a busy Bosslady), this book is both easy to dip into and fun to get lost in.
  • Missing Choose-your-own-path books? Create Your Own Midlife Crisis will appeal to anyone who grew up reading choose-your-own-adventure books and loves the interactive experience of making reckless choices and discovering unexpected paths while reading.