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Clay Face Mask Kit

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Bring DIY to your skincare ritual with this purifying Clay Face Mask Kit from Wanderflower. Give yourself a beautiful, natural glow with this handy, nature-inspired kit, containing kaolin and charcoal Clay Powder, complete with a bespoke Ceramic Bowl and a Brush Applicator. Whether you're treating yourself to a pamper on a sleepy Sunday morning, or you want your skin to have that extra glow before a day out, simply open up your Clay Face Mask Kit. Mix the powder with water in the ceramic bowl and smooth the mask over your face, inhaling the earthy scent as it dries. Soon, your face will glow: cleansed, purified, and cared for.

  • Contains Kaolin & Charcoal Clay Powder (80g), Ceramic Bowl, and a Brush Applicator with a wooden handle and synthetic bristles
  • Aims to leave you with a beautiful, natural glow
  • To mix your own face mask: mix two teaspoons of powder with three teaspoons of water until consistency is smooth
  • Formula contains no parabens, and is vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Packaged in a giftable two-piece card tube in grey